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Let’s talk about the CBD isolate drug test.

Most people have to perform regular drug tests at work. Usually, these tests focus on cannabis but can detect other substances, as well.

Although most states are starting to legalize recreational marijuana, a lot of companies continue enforcing these tests. This can be really troublesome for people who wish to use medicinal hemp as a part of their wellness program.

One of the questions the A-1 Extracts team often gets is: “Does CBD isolate appear on a drug test?”

The short answer to this question is no. But, in order to understand the potential perils, we will give you a bit longer explanations of medical hemp products and things you need to watch out for.

CBD isolate drug tests are common nowadays, and you need to make sure to avoid any potential issues that would endanger your position!

Why do we test positive in the first place?

Hemp has numerous interesting substances within it. The plant is full of cannabinoids (such as CBD), terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and other chemicals.

Due to this rich composition, medicinal hemp items can be used in a wide variety of ways. Today, CBD products are recognized as one of the best wellness items in the world.

The main reason why people are afraid of CBD is that most of these products have THC. This chemical is the reason why we get high. Cannabis has a lot of it, but luckily, there are only traces of THC in hemp.

So, in other words, you probably wouldn’t able to get high by using medicinal hemp, even if you wanted to.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you’re 100% safe during drug tests. There are some cases where people managed to test positive even though they took low-THC medicinal hemp.

The best thing you can do to prevent this is by taking CBD items in lower quantities. Overdoing it always poses a risk.

Alternatively, if you know when you’re going to get tested, you can stop using cannabidiol for a few days prior. This article will tell you all you need to know about how long CBD stays in your system.

What about CBD isolate drug test?

In order to understand the potential risks involved with CBD isolates, you need to understand what these products are. As you can presume based on the name, these items only have one substance within them: CBD.

Cannabidiol is the most common chemical that can be found in the hemp plant. A lot of people say that it’s also the most potent, but we simply don’t have enough data to claim that with certainty because hemp has so many great cannabinoids within itself.

Given that CBD isolates have only CBD (a non-toxic, non-psychedelic substance), it is easy to determine that you won’t get high when using it. Unlike full-spectrum CBD, which has traces of THC, isolates don’t have any other cannabinoids besides CBD.

How to handle a CBD isolate drug test?

Based on everything we’ve said so far, it is easy to conclude that full-spectrum products are the most hazardous items. While they have very low THC content (0.3%), they can still pose a problem in some instances.

On the other hand, isolates are completely safe and shouldn’t cause any issues. We suggest that you read the article we wrote on “CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum” which you might find interesting.

Another option is to use broad-spectrum products. They are very similar to full-spectrum CBD as they have all these cannabinoids and various substances within them.

The main difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum is that broad-spectrum doesn’t have any THC whatsoever.

Final thoughts

Given that CBD products are slowly being legalized all over the US, we also suggest that you consult your HR department before starting medicinal hemp treatment. There is a good chance they will even allow the use of these products, even if they’re full-spectrum.

If you have any additional questions regarding CBD isolate drug tests, you can also contact the A-1 Extracts team!