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Peach CBD Isolate Tincture (1000mg)



Peach CBD Isolate Tincture (1000mg)

Are you looking for a combination of terpenes and CBD? In that case, there aren’t many products on the market that can be compared to this one.

Our Peach Isolate Tincture comes in several dosages, and it is full of terpenes Myrcene and Caryophyllene. As you probably know, CBD is potent in its own regard. But, when combined with these two substances, it can deliver an even stronger boost to your body.

Ingredients: Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene might help with mild muscle discomfort while also providing a soothing, relaxing feeling. Furthermore, this combination can be useful if you wish to improve the quality of your skin. The product has terpenes Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Medium Chain Triglycerides, stevia, and of course, CBD. All of that is boosted with numerous natural flavors.

Directions: When using the item, you need to put one dropper under your tongue. You might increase the amount up to 4 (within 24 hours), but you should consult a doctor if you want to take more than that. It is best if you swirl the substance in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, at least, to gain the most benefits.


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